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Lipo Laser Lights Therapy in Cross Plains, WI

Trim Off Inches of Fat: Laser Body Contouring, or ‘Laser Light Lipo’

Illuminate Your Wellness Journey with Lipo Laser Lights

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Discover the transformative power of Lipo-Light therapy at Cross Plains Family Chiropractic. This non-invasive procedure penetrates the skin with LED light, stimulating fat cells to release their contents for natural burning during post-treatment exercise.

If someone told you that you could trim inches of fat off of your waist, arms, butt and thighs by relaxing in a recliner listening to music you would tell them they are crazy right? Well you would be wrong!

There are many types of body contouring techniques out there, most of them are expensive and some are very invasive. Our cold laser body contouring is safe, effective and very affordable, all from the comfort of a recliner!

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How Does It Work?

You essentially have the same number of fat cells in your body once you hit puberty. The only difference is that these cells get larger or smaller depending on energy supply and demand. Laser Light Lipo utilizes paddles that have numerous LEDs (light emitting diodes). These paddles are placed upon the area to be treated.

The light emitted is of a specific spectrum that penetrates through the skin to the layer of adipose (fat) that in between the skin and muscle layer.

Once the light hits these cells the energy absorbed causes the cells to become porous allowing holes for the inside contents (free fatty acids, water, glycerol) to leak out. These substances then inter the space in between the individual fat cells (adipocytes) and is then eliminated by natural body processes of metabolism and waste removal.

What You Can Expect with Body Contouring

Results of course are individualized. Good results (1-2 inches) are frequently reported with little to no lifestyle changes. Great results (3-7 inches) are often achieved with minor lifestyle changes.

Clients who maximize the 3 hour post treatment window and make greater, healthier lifestyle changes have reported results of greater than 10 inches over a several week period of treatment.

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Is Body Contouring Right For You?

If you are in pain or are interested in finding out more, contact us to make an appointment to see if body contouring is right for you. No referral necessary.


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